Testimonials – Here is what our clients have to say:

From the moment my husband Joe and I met Pauline and Barry we could see how passionate and knowledgeable they were about Flat-Coats. Pauline and Barry welcomed us into their home and we knew upon first meeting their dogs that this breed was perfect for us. Being first time dog owners, we are so thankful to have met them. They both have been exceptional in educating us about this breed and helping us along the way with our puppy Mia with any questions or concerns. We also take Mia to Barry’s training school – Top Dogs Academy. This has been amazing in learning the tools to train her. We truly feel blessed to have such a beautiful puppy and her kind nature and great disposition is due to Pauline and Barry raising such well-rounded puppies. We can’t say enough about our experience with Fishercreek and are thankful to have joined their Flat-Coat family.

Lindsay and Joe Sutherland


After our Bernese Mountain Dog passed away we approached Barry and Pauline about the possibility of having a flat-coat join our family.  They warmly invited us to see their dogs and discuss all the merits of the flat-coat breed.

Barry and Pauline are justifiably proud of all of their dogs and the walls of their home adorned with awards and ribbons attest to the outstanding quality of their breeding and training programs.  They produce not only exceptional retrievers in the areas of conformation, field trial, obedience and service dogs, but also perfect companion dogs and family pets.

Seeing their flat-coats’ loving disposition, intelligence and “Peter Pan” like zest for life immediately sold us on these beautiful retrievers.  The care with which Barry and Pauline select their breeding pairs, their professionalism as dog trainers, handlers and groomers and their true love for the breed were the reasons we decided to go with a Fishercreek Flat-Coat.

Our sweet Daisy, who we received in June 2013, is a beautiful, loving addition to our family.  We are fortunate to live in London and have been able to take Daisy to regular training at Barry’s Top Dogs Training Academy.   Although we wanted Daisy primarily as a family pet and companion, we enjoyed our training classes with Barry so much that we continue to pursue basic obedience training and field training, as well as conformation.

Recognizing that we could not have chosen a better breeder, trainer and kennel from which to get our Daisy we decided to get another addition to our family and in June 2014, a second Fishercreek Flat-Coat named Lily came into our home.  The joy that Daisy and Lily have brought to us and the love they give every day is truly special.

Thank you so very much Barry and Pauline  – Jim and Diane

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 9.13.10 AMHello Pauline and Barry!

Hope you are both doing well. We wanted to let you know that we are absolutely loving the addition of Bird to our family!! He is such a sweet and gentle soul. He is certainly happier when he is with us and even sleeps in a bed next to us, or quite often, right in bed with us 🙂

Here are a few pics from the last couple of months. He even enjoyed his first airplane ride on his way to our camp on the Northern channel of Lake Huron!

Again, we couldn’t be happier or more in love with Bird. Thank you for breeding such an amazing pup…

Whitney & David Wilkinson
Thanks to Barry and Pauline for educating us on the flat coated retriever. After always having a German Shepherd, we decided to try a different breed. We were amazed at the calm and loving disposition of this breed and we’re very pleased with our choice.

The family atmosphere the Harrison’s provide before and after adoption is evidence of the care and attention the breeding dogs and puppies receive. Barry also provides top quality obedience training.

Our dog Parker (a handsome 6 month male ) is a happy, affectionate and intelligent pup. He gives us joy everyday.

Thanks again Barry and Pauline!
Jacquie and George


After a number of years of owning rough collie and golden retriever dogs I decided to look for a dog that combined the attributes of both, and perhaps a bit less shedding. A colleague guided me to the flat-coated retriever.

We live in Edmonton and searched North America for a breeder, interviewing one in British Columbia, Ohio, and two in southern Ontario. While the breed is wonderful; intelligent, inquisitive, playful and faithful a dog is really the product of breeding, so the lineage and the hand of the breeder. We found Fishercreek on the internet, with excellent information about themselves and their dogs.

Barry and Pauline Harrison, of Fishercreek Flat – Coated Retrievers in London, Ontario required an extensive in-person interview to ensure their dogs would be well looked after. They have bred not only form, intelligence and good health in to their dogs, but also a disposition such that the dogs are calm, friendly and want to please and be dutiful to their master.

In addition to having a limited breeding operation, Barry and Pauline operate an obedience school and show their flat-coated retrievers in both conformance and field trials.

We now have 2 dogs from Fishercreek – a female flat-coat of just under 2 years, and a male flat-coat of 3 months. Their purchase agreements covers extensive care requirements for the dog you receive. The dogs receive their initial shots, and full records of health, lineage and Canada Kennel Club registration.

A beautiful dog that is the product of the character of Barry and Pauline.

Best Regards,


I would like to share my experience with Pauline and Barry Harrison.  The very best breeders you will ever encounter.  Their home is filled with love of these dogs. Not only their home, but all who visit will experience their devotion and love for this amazing breed.

We were so sad when we lost our beloved Maxine.  Our second flat coat…I felt like I could never find another dog like Max. Then, we met Barry and Pauline.  Funny thing…we were just a few miles away from each other.  We asked to come to visit…just to see their dogs.  We were so sad over losing Maxine.  Then it all came together.  We now are proud owners of our darling Jacklin.  Jack for short.  She is a puppy of Spirit.  Grand-dog of Spice.  She is 3 years old and the most wonderful, loving, devoted dog we have ever had.

Pauline and Barry are truly a cut above any breeder you will ever find.   They travel with their fleet to shows, groom them to perfection and train them for competitions.  Their record can speak to that.  We chose not to show or breed.  The Harrison’s were supportive of our choice for Jack’s future.  Ensuring we were going to be good owners and treat this dog as well as they would.

What sets Fishercreek apart from any other?  It is the love for the breed.  They breed for good temperament.  They only offer purchase of one of their puppies to those who will care for them as closely as they do.

Debby Kenny


We are so glad that we came to Barry and Pauline for our newest family member. Right from our first meeting we knew that they understood how important our decision to take in a new member to our family was to us. Barry and Pauline were so attentive and thorough during our entire journey. They gave us so much information about the Flat Coat breed and were so obviously devoted to their own dogs, that we were very confident that any of their puppies would be a perfect match for us. When the puppies arrived it was a thrill to be able to see them developing over the next 8 weeks until we could finally receive our “baby”. Pauline is an admirable “mother” to all her puppies. Hugging them every night before bed and getting to know all of their quirks during playtime, is a full time job for her. All of their hard work paid off for us when they gave us our sweet boy, Fergus. He is exactly as they said he would be: loving, happy, outgoing, intelligent, and sweet natured. We are eagerly looking forward to training with Barry so that we can ensure that Fergus has a good foundation for his life with our family.

Thank you Barry and Pauline, we are having a great time with Fergus.

Gillian and Ted Lawrence
London, Ontario


We wanted to offer you our sincere thanks and gratitude for bringing Bella into our lives. She has been an absolute joy – such a terrifically calm and loving puppy – we couldn’t have asked for a better dog to add to our family. We also really appreciated your guidance throughout the process and for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge of the flat-coated breed with us. We love flat-coats and it was so encouraging to learn about your passion for the breed. You made the difficult process of choosing a puppy such a pleasant and easy one and your training classes have been a huge help.

After 3 months with Bella, we are smitten and she is entrenched as a member of our family.

Many thanks,
Chris & Heidi Hamber


We wanted to thank you for bringing Max into our lives. You made us feel at home almost immediately as you found the time to take us through the process of selecting a flat coated retriever. Your passion for the breed and your love for your dogs pushed us over the top for selecting a “flattie”. We also appreciate you taking the time to go through all the paper work with us and especially going out of your way to come to the puppy kindergarten class to give us the additional information. We feel that if we ever have any questions or concerns with Max, the answer is only a phone call away.

We fell in love with the breed immediately and are having a blast with Max. He is keeping us on our toes and is bringing a whole bunch of love into our home. Here is a story to let you know how much Max is loved around here ….We have three kids, all grown up and live out of town with very busy lives of their own. We have had Max for two weeks now. All three kids have come back to town at one time or another just to visit and play with Max. And on more than one occasion they have said that when we want to go out for a night that they would come back into town to take care of Max. Knowing how busy their lives are, I found this to be a pleasant shock. Max is the best New Year’s gift that anyone could have given to us.

We have also now taken Max to a couple of puppy kindergarten classes at your training facility. He loves the classes. He is, as you had suggested to us, a quick learner. Sometimes I think we are a step behind Max in learning!

Steve, the trainer, is a terrific person who knows a lot about training and more particular, about flatties. He has been very informative about the breed with us and we feel that we can ask him anything about anything related to Max and he will have an answer. During classes, he will take the time to talk to each owner about what he sees with each particular dog and gives some specific suggestions. His technique of dealing with the specific dog, along with general guidelines about training, is very much appreciated.

We will keep you up to speed on Max. In the meantime, thanks again for all that you have done to help bring Max into our lives.

Best Regards
John and Ruth Rebry


I met Pauline and Barry at a show in Orillia, Ontario in 2010 and I was very impressed with their passion for Flat-coated Retrievers.

Christmas came in July of 2011 for me, when I picked up my bouncy puppy, BLAZE, from the breeding ofRoman and Inga. From the first day in our home, he has been well behaved and easy to correct on behaviors I wanted to change. Household obedience seems effortless. Blaze catches on quickly and is eager to please.

I have taken him on several hunting trips and he is very comfortable in a boat or walking through a marsh. The cold weather is not a deterrent to his enjoyment and he always joins me on my winter outings on the frozen lakes. After the excitement of a day outdoors, Blaze is calm in our home. He retires to our bedroom, where we keep 1 of 3 dog beds around the house. Blaze has a great temperament, he is not destructive nor does he bark excessively. Blaze eagerly greets us every afternoon when we come home from work and school.

My family thanks Pauline and Barry, Roman and Inga, for Blaze and the joy he brings to our lives.

The  Costanzi  Family      

From the first time I spoke to Barry and Pauline on the phone I knew that our long search for the right flat-coat breeder was over.  Barry’s passion for the breed and informative approach along with Pauline’s friendly attitude made it easy to say “this is the real deal, I don’t want a dog from anyone else”! It was really so natural from that point forward; Barry and Pauline were excellent with every step of the process and really made it feel like we were part of this newest flat-coat family.  We had originally wanted a boy, so when the litter was born with all female puppies we looked to their wisdom in deciding that a little girl was in fact for us.  I am so glad we did!

HALEY is everything we hoped for and more – she is not only exactly what we wanted but is exactly what she is supposed to be.  She is the sweetest girl with a temperment that makes us smile and laugh. She is friendly and happy-go-lucky, loves our outdoor adventures and agility, but is an excellent house dog and quite the “suck” too (as Barry and Pauline assured me she would be!). She gets along with our cat and with literally every other human and dog she has ever met.  We are often complimented on her coat and are told by both strangers and friends that she is “a beautiful dog”!

She is without a doubt the apple-of-our eye and she marks the start of our family together.  We love her so much and even in the last 10 months she has enriched our lives in so many ways. We look forward to sharing many more years and memories with her and to continue to give back to her the joy she gives to us.  Barry and Pauline’s efforts are certainly reflected in the well-rounded dogs they raise – a true representation of what a flat-coat should be.  Thanks for everything,

Sheila, Ryan and Haley!

My name is Garrett and I am 18. Six years ago my mom found an ad in Dogs In Canada magazine and we went to meet the Harrisons.  I went there every week for two months to see how I felt about Flatcoated Retrievers and how Barry and Pauline thought their dogs and experience as trainers could work out for me. We were the first family who had the need for a dog as a companion and helper for a person in a wheelchair. That worked out well as I have one of Barry and Pauline’s dogs .

I got Buddy two weeks before I had a major hip surgery in 2006, and she has been by my side ever since. After my hip surgery recovery, Barry helped me for many hours training my dog Buddy. We had lots of extra private training as I am in a wheelchair and have specific needs.

She is very well behaved, and has a supper disposition. She loves being around small children especially babies. Barry & Pauline did a great job matching Buddy with me.

In 2010 I had two more back surgeries and Buddy was allowed to stay in the Hospital with me for my total recovery time of 50 days.

Buddy comes with me almost anywhere I go. She loves riding in the van. I Love it at night when I go to bed and she sleeps right beside me, it makes me feel very safe and secure. My parents are sure that she is a gift from heaven as she’s one of a kind and even works her magic ways on my dad. Buddy has changed my life and helps me deal with things that are hard. I know that Barry and Pauline have the best dogs on the planet and if anyone was looking for a dog for showing or just a pet that their dogs would make them very lucky people. Fisher Creek Flat-Coated Retrievers are luckier than most dogs as they get lots of attention and snuggles, great vet care and they live with Barry and Pauline in the house. The dogs are very special just like them.


skyWe would like to say that our experience in obtaining our Flat coated retriever puppy (Sky) from Fishercreek was an exceptional one. Barry and Pauline are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and pleasant persons / breeders. Anyone dealing with them will know that fact within the first 5 minutes of talking to them.

We found Fishercreek on-line. There are only a few breeders of Flat coat retrievers in Canada and Fishercreek seemed like the right choice from the start. We contacted them and found that the process of obtaining a puppy was a fair one.

We met with Barry and Pauline a few times and found that their most important concern was that the puppy be with a family that could actually care for it.

Barry and Pauline’s track record of breeding Flat coat retrievers is an impressive one, just looking at all the awards and achievements that are posted on their walls is enough to have your jaw drop to the floor. We would definitely recommend Fishercreek to any one that is serious about obtaining a Flat coat retriever Puppy.

Alex and Olga
Bradford Ontario

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