To be born and raised in New Hampshire, USA
Stayed Tuned ~ contact Theresa & Jill with inquiries


Nina and Zeus are both exceptional Flat-coats with sweet temperaments. They are smart, easy to train, and a joy to live with. We very excited for this litter are expecting sweet, adorable little bundles of joy! This litter will be born and loved at Theresa & Jill’s home in New Hampshire, USA.


About Our Breeding Program

We are not a kennel and our focus is entirely on flat-coated retrievers as we do not breed any other type of dog. Our puppies are all born and raised in our homes and handled 24 hours a day from birth. We only sell puppies to qualified pet homes as well as conformation and working homes. All of our dogs have proper screening for hips, eyes and patellas. As with most reputable Flat-Coat breeders, we generally have a waiting list for our puppies.

If you would like more information on our breeding program, puppies or want to get on our puppy list, please Contact Us.

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